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The 3M Sheer Bra is a wonderful invention for any car lover who treats their prized possession like a true friend. A man’s best friend is not always the family dog. Sometimes a car can replace a large pet and nothing hurts more than seeing that first scratch or dent on your favorite car.

However, traditional protective bras are not the most attractive option for car owners who want to protect their investments.

Autowerkstatt in der Nähe

The problem with the traditional protective coating is simply due to the fact that it covers the magnificent car. No true car enthusiast wants to hide their precious car under a rubbery surface. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on the perfect finish to cover with a protective coating. Unfortunately, many car owners have had to choose between nicks and scratches or hide the finish.

No longer. A car enthusiast can go for a 3m clear fastener that protects the car by creating a colorless barrier between the car’s finish and the elements. The 3m clear bra is simply a protective film that is literally painted on the exterior of the car. This product is commonly used in trucks, cars and vans by vehicle owners who shudder at the thought of a pebble approaching its priceless object.

The 3m clear clip is also used to protect the headlights. The protective coating is commonly applied to the front of the vehicle and the lenses of the headlights. The beauty of this material is that it is virtually undetectable. The original design of the vehicle is not modified in any way. The owner has the peace of mind of knowing that the car is protected and at the same time has the luxury of enjoying his vehicle in its original condition.

Some may wonder if the product is really as effective as the traditional protective sleeve. The 3m clear fastener will protect the vehicle from splinters. The material was originally designed to be used in aircraft propellers to protect them from splinters. The material will surely also be effective in preventing chipping in vehicles.

Another concern is the clarity quality of the 3m clear bra. How clear is that, really? The manufacturer of the product boasts that the material is virtually undetectable unless the vehicle is very white in color. The clear coat is slightly visible on a white car when very close, but is not detectable from a distance. You will see a faint line where the 3m clear bra stops, but that’s better than an ugly bug shield or paint chips.

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