Some Goofy Items Being Sold On eBay

If you ever have the time to take a look at what’s selling on eBay these days, you might be surprised and surprised at what you find out.

We’re not talking about Grandma’s old cookbook, Daddy’s favorite tie, or the latest DVD movie release. For these articles you will have to use your imagination a bit.

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How about a real human kidney that sold for over $ 5.7 million or an Air Guitar that sold for a staggering $ 47,000? A grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary sold for just under $ 30,000. Even Britney Spears’ gum sold on eBay for $ 263.

Interest in these weird items has grown a lot over the years to the point where Jay Leno and David Letterman have segments on their late night talk shows that cover the weird items that are sold daily on eBay. The attention these auctions began to receive prompted Dave Pierce, a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, to create the website in November 2005. Each day, is updated with four new auctions found. on eBay that contain those weird and ridiculous items that are being sold. . is a hub for those looking for weird, weird, and silly eBay auctions on a daily basis. While visiting the site, you may enjoy a few laughs, a couple of laugh outbursts, and probably some mutterings of ‘Why the hell would I want to bid on THAT dumb auction? Once you visit, you never want to experience eBay in any other way.

“It’s amazing the items that are sold every day on eBay,” said Pierce, who last year sold a Cheeto with the image of Denver Post sportswriter and television personality Woody Paige on eBay for $ 1,025. “Selling the Cheeto was a lot of fun, not only did it get publicity for, but we also raised more than great money for diabetes research.”

However, you don’t need a late night comic or a ridiculous website to point out that unique items have been sold on eBay for a long time. In fact, the first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer that cost $ 14.83. Now you can find dozens of broken laser pointers sold on eBay every day. So if you’re free, take a look at what’s on eBay, and who knows, maybe your next snack could become a special.

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